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really hot from gilroy into south counties to downtown san jose, everybody trying to beat the heat. >> and there is may that may be october but heat closed san jose allen rock park. the public isn't being allowed in because the city determined high temperatures and low humidity make any activities here too dangerous. it has schools taking precautions and shades are up, teachers encouraging students to drink lots of water. the principle principal cancelled activities such as soccer during recess. and there are water fountains are a popular attraction. >> i was thinking hopefully, it's open. it's very, very, so hot today. >> the forecast calls forts to drop the ranger just told me
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the park will remain closed through tomorrow. >> and to get relief from the heat crowds are flocking to the beach. check out baker beach. there are people there bravely getting into the water. it's quite cold. and there is a san francisco man arrested for kidnapping a 9-year-old girl is now facing new charges. >> this 25-year-old accused in a second incident this one in daily city. and according to prosecutors he hid in a bathroom and took inappropriate photos of 9-year-old girls by reaching underneath the stall. is he in jail for groping another 9-year-old and carrying her off campus. investigators say she reported the crime. >> gloria allred is joining
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the sexual misconduct case against a alleged teacher james hooker who left his wife and kids to move in way former student. hooker facing felony sex assault charges filed by another former student. >> now, oakland police are investigating another fatal shooting that just happened. >> shots rang out this afternoon on the 1500 block of 57th avenue. and this is the fifth murder in oakland in less than 24 hours. around 6:00 two men were shot while sitting in a van then two men shot dead within an hour and a half on mcarthur boulevard. >> there are supporters and family of 18-year-old alan blueford are planning to address the city council. it should begin in just
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minutes and they're demanding police release reports concerning the shooting. and he two friends were stopped and searched by lease. blueford shot three times when he tried to run. police say he had a gun found near his body at the scene. >> milpitas is the latest bay area city to consider outsourcing its police department for trying to save money. >> the plan hit a snag. >> and happening now, the city council will be meeting to talk with b.cuts. one thing is outsourcing the police department. the city council has already done belt tightening to close the deficit, laying off 42 employees or 10% of the work force. there are contracts for workers expire at year's end. the mayor says all options are being studied. there is a campaign that has surfaced.
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and there is a proposal may be a moot issue. the only agency interested in bidding was the sheriff's department now saying they're not going to bid. >> there is. the east contra costa fire district received a grant of nearly $8 million meaning it can start filling 15 positions it was forced to eliminate in july. this will allow the district to reopen three fire stations. >> neighbors in oakland are crediting a good samaritan for warning them about a fire that broke out in east 15th street. a man in the building saw flames on a staircase. he then went door to door and alerted neighbors. no residents were hurt but a firefighter sprained his back. that fire drove people from their homes. >> berkeley firefighters are mopping up after a house fire
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that was started by a bird. this happened this morning on delaware street and police say the grass fire did spread stot toth horjs no one was hurt. >> happening now there are amtrak trains rolling following yesterday's derailment. the first train pulled out on time and passengers say they weren't concerned about safety following the derailment that injured about 40 people. >> things happen on the train all the time. unfortunately they're accidents but it's pretty safe. >> i've ridden the train before. it's probably more dangerous to ride a bike here and get hid hit by a car then have a train derailed. >> there are crews spent the night repairing the tracks. >> fbi says it will use all of its resources to investigate the fatal shooting of a u.s.
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border patrol agent that happened in arizona about five miles from the mexico border. >> the agent on patrol when shots broke out before 2:00 this morning. a second agent is recovering in the hospital. officials believe this shooting may have been drug-related. so far no suspects have been identified. >> missing teamster boss jimmy hofffa is not buried under a michigan driveway. they say soil samples show no evidence of human remains. officials began drilling through the grounds of a home last week after receiving what they called a credible tip someone was buried there around the time hoffa went missing in 1975. >> early voting is underway in two states some camped out overnight to cast a early ballot. michelle obama made a stop in cincinnati to kick off early voting. >> there is is a worker at the
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local board of election that's notice aid problem, signatures didn't match up and some had information simply made up. >> and last week, the election workers in florida noticing similar problem was voter registration forms, many submitted by a firm hired by republicans and the florida g.o.p. fire that had agency and now, north carolina g.o.p. is following suit. >> there is american airlines says it's found the cause of tests in major jets. >> retailers hoping for a green christmas. holiday shopping outlook, ahead. >> taking a look at traffic now in san francisco.
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this is really jammed up for drivers and for people heading out of san francisco south looking smooth now
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taking a look outside right now there is a view of oakland atop mount sutro. highs soared to 93 degrees and spencer christian is coming up with the accu-weather forecast. >> american airlines says improperly installed clamps caused seats to come loose on planes and it's now expanding inspection of jets. there is concern it could be connected to a labor dispute.
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>> american air lines insists multiple incidents of plane seats coming loose has nothing to do with disgruntelled workers. there has been tension between labor and management and that tries to turn around under bankruptcy protection. >> this is not related to anything else despite rumor ootz new york post reports yet another plane this, time an american flight had seats come loose. >> this required emergency landing. this woman was on board one flight seats flipped backwards and so... people were on the laps of the passengers hipd them with legs up in the air. >> just this morning an american flight to london forced to make an emergency landing in ireland.
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american says the seats were installed by both airline employees and contractors. >> this could with a disaster for the airline eem employees tell abc news it's inspecting 747s in the seat which could have problems. >> there is one airline trying a new tactic that could end up costing plenty. spirit airlines say if you don't pay in advance you'll have to pay $100 per bag. if you say you'll have carry on luggage the cost is $20 to $35 per piece. >> there are retailers
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expecting consumers to spend more but the boost is not expected to rival increase you've seen in two years and there is an kpekt of sales to rise this year. >> there is the next wave of commute something. >> and cheryl sandberg talking about facebook's ipo. >> good afternoon, advertising going to pay a key role and k= =members in new york to talk about the social network as strategy. speaking to charlie rose at the annual mixed content.
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there is face book heightened focus on making money and there is big empa sis on mobile talking about moving beyond it's disappointed ipo performance. >> silicon valley companies cycle quickly. what is long or shord period for the rest of the world to us feels like an eternity. and so we launch products, some work. we launch the next product. >> and there are suspects as they try to generate revenue including facebook gifts and charging merchants for or offers z there is talks with metro pcs that have been struggling to compete with larger guys and advertisers
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say there is a default setting. and there is a note to microsoft ceo steve balmer complaining about the feature and there is microsoft says windows 8 is scheduled to be released this month. and there is stocks mixed and stocks making a big turn around to help out the nasdaq. your bloomberg silicon valley index shows that shares closed lower. there is jamie rametti says the next wave of computing will be machine was abilities to learn like the famous watson computer, speaking at the most powerful conference,
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he says that to expect this new era of computing to happen within our live times. and there is developed for you in finance and health care field. larry and carolyn, back to you. >> and this is just gorgeous out there. >> this is where we'd be doing the show. >> there is a free warmth. there is east bay hills looking at mount diablo. it's appropriate where this lives now. let's take a look. and you can see no coastal clouds, no hint of marine layer which is providing
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cooling. right now we're looking at readings 101 in santa rosa. there is one record high for the date so far. hoffit field is 95 degrees. and there is clear and mild tonight and there is in the by bli across the bay skpinland down a few degrees and sharp cooling there is huge dome of high pressure break pargt now and this is jet stream falling farther south that will bring us cooler air. so that is expecting a cooler
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start tomorrow, watch this fog that will be coming from our south along the coastline and there is is levels will depend how soon that cooling surge reaches us. so some locations tomorrow could still hit 90 inland this is lows into upper 50s to low 60s again, high temperatures assuming fog holds off will be reaching mid-80s in the south bay. and there is downtown u.downtown san francisco a high of 74 tomorrow 20 degrees lower and there is 85 freem beyond there is low to mid-90s
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today and there are low 70s near the bay. here is accu-weather forecast. there are low 80s thursday and there is a big cool down coming our way. what would you do with $49,000? i have a long list. win big and find out. and there are all facebook fans that are eligible. so enter our sweep stakes to win $49,000. and that is where you can fill out an enry form, we'll announce the winner right here on abc 7. >> and do share. >> with us. question. share. >> and this is a dance
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celebration gathered to move it gangman style. >> and there is world wide reveal of the saga's final movie poster, next. >> and there is good time to go at the toll
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have you seen the latest dance craze around the globe? it's why teens were dancing in the streets of seoul today. this is exploding on the inlt net. 670 dancers from europe, south america and asia took part in the street celebration. this is a rand mark day for twilight fan who's got another tease of breaking down part ii. >> here is rachel smith with today's entertainment report. >> this is a huge day for fan as cross the world.
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and we're talking breaking dawn part ii. there was a day long countdown starting this with piece that shows a bit of the title. and there is a third and fourth and fifth revealed a bit of action. leading up to this pop har trio. this morning we talked with one of the stars. >> i haven't seen it. >> it's good. >> i haven't seen it. >> this happen tz me all the time. i'm the last person to see the movie. >> and mark your calendars, the poster for loen ranger released today and the movie hits theaters in ju. now to collin farrell he weighed in on odd personalities. >> there is quite a few it
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hits theaters october 12th. >> for more movie news head over to >> coming up blue angels on their way to the bay area. and new added attraction sur to delight this weekend. >> and revealing video that alerted parents of a violent incident. >> prepare prep raigss
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blue angels will arrive in town in just a couple hours meaning it will be in the air, over the bay for practice runs on thursday. abc 7 news joins us now from the airport with more on all of this for us. mark? >> and this is ruchlor has it there is a practice of being precise. we expect them at 6:15. fleet week air show going to be the big draw on the bay this weekend. and this year... coast guard gearing up for a record turnout. america's cup will be running
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this weekend with racing along the city front and above their race force is where they will be performing. coast guard is blocking off that area. >> there is 635 law enforcement and the coast guard demonstrated how they'll intercept folk that's may cross into the area but not anticipating problem autos we don't usually have a problem. people are understanding and know what they're supposed to be doing because we're there to enjoy a show. >> they are anticipating three times normal number of boats on the bay. >> they want everybody to have a life jacket. >> she the shoved off safety gear today. a helicopter hovered over the bay. >> take a look what they're going through. and what kind of message is to
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get them out of the water. >> there will be extra security on the water and around the bay. >> yes there is added security including bomb-sniffing dog autos we'll be at piers. >> for the coast guard it's a lot of work. >> this is a huge undertaking for the coast guard. >> it's going to be a big weekend. coming up at 6:00 we'll have the arrival of the blue angels and i bet they're on time. >> and fleet week is one of the big events going bring hundreds of to yous of people into san francisco this weekend. there is a map for you. you can click on each he stront see how to avoid traffic hot spots its going to be challenging.
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strong, mixed emotions today after a popular teacher found dead from an apparent suicide. james e.had been accused of lewd acts with a minor. abc 7 news has more from albany. >> 200 people, teachers, parents and students turned out for a vigil in honor of the teacher arrested for lewd acts with a child under 14 found dead yesterday morning in a car and based on evidence appears to have been suicide. many don't believe accusations against him and can't believe he's dead. >> this school and our students were his life. he will be deeply missed. >> school district superintendent marla stevenson says grief counselors will be available to students at all schools and the day will not be business as usual.
4:32 pm
this will be a a.dressing children questions and grief. >> some criticized the district for placing him on leave after his arrest on wednesday before any misconduct was proven. >> you don't go around to find out whether it's a false alarm. you investigate. this is what we have to do. >> the superintendent says police have shared nudging with her with record to his cause of death or what is written in the note he left behind. >> we're looking forward to the investigation and having no doubt, understanding what happened. >> there is a at this point, not even the school district
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has that information. >> there is one day to go before the first presidential debate. and both candidates are working to get ready. >> the intense debate continues for president obama and mitt romney. and romney took a lunch break at chipotle. last night romney said he's looking forward to going one on one with the president. >> it's a conversation spanning almost a month. >> the president said rehearsals are going well. >> but they're keeping me indoors and it's a drag. >> it may be a heavy course hood. the president hasn't been on a debate stage in nearly four years. and when undecided voters they're looking for body
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language. they're looking to took a -- take a measure. >> some say there is a ten shall to be a game changer. they want to open up a lead and team romney hopes a she down will help them close the gap. >> i want you to find a person who voted for barack obama and convince them to come join our team. >> and there is a running mate that kicked a campaign trail. >> there this country is neither dependent nor in decline. >> this problem is that he expect fix problem autos expect the same themes and attacks to be front and center tomorrow night. >> you can see the first debate. abc news with live coverage
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beginning tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. >> if you saw the episode of katie couric, you saw middle schoolers caught on video attacking another student. the 12-year-old didn't find out about at tack. she found out after others saw the video vie been the big advocate. if your child sk bullied let the school know. immediately. >> but two brothers shown throwing punches here were both suspended from school. >> and there is a supervisor introduced legislation restricting public nudity law. and it provides exemptions for beaches and other special events. >> and just ahead a cow being hailed as first of its kind.
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scientists step in toy a cow whose mic can be an end to a popular mic allergy can an air freshener pass its own smell test? you'll find out. >> there is a live view looking at ocean beach. great day for going the beach but a different picture tomorrow, i'll is the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> there are a lot of people that must be at the beach because traffic is light looking down from our camera. usually you can see traffic snaking forever and it's headed towards san francisco and back towards 580. stay with us. more still to come.
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checking healthy living news for people that suffer from dairy al lerj yeez scientists have come up with a super cow named daisy. yikts concerned this kind of engineering could hurt the dairy industry. >> if our markets get to know we're doing inhumane experiments they may withdraw buying and using of mic. >> the company says the work
4:40 pm
is within the standards of animal rights groups. >> and there is a big night on dancing with the stars". who is going home tonight? let's start with a surprise of the night. there is fers nine of the season dancing a quick step. and as mentioned before chat yempks is to remain in sync. >> how about this? >> a classical gene kelly dance, this week a zany jive. it is zany. a lot of skin in this costume. you should look away, carolyn. look away. and there is 25 and a half points for him. >> take a look at this, sean
4:41 pm
johnson. >> yes. busting out cart wheels in gymnastics so she can do that. as can derek hough. and there judges called it vibrant and eye popping. >> last week drew lachey almost eliminated and in the bottom two. right? >> that is right but they bounced back with the jive. powerful, edgey. and this is a strong 22 and a half points. i'm saying going home tonight bristol palin. >> just in shock over this thing going on. >> you concentrate on that. >> bristol scored 18 points. i think she's done. >> and.
4:42 pm
>> and there are changes settling n highs over in northeast into 70s and there is thunderstorm activities. 70s and there is a slight snow tomorrow into alberta. owe so there are all kinds of weather conditions. here in the state of california warm to hot m most locations. here in the bay area cooling down and warm again, fog along the coastline dropping temperatures into many locations. into mid-90s and 60s on the coast and and there is 70s near the bay. there is america's cup races as a qualifier under way
4:43 pm
tomorrow, tomorrow will be these, mainly sunny skies and winds out of the west at 10-20 knots and temperatures from lows from mid to upper 60s. and winds will be stronger than they have been last couple days. >> thank you. >> okay a woman who know what's is cool before it's cool is the newest neb of our team here. >> and she hosts the show what is trending. and having to post those she's one of the people to follow on twitter. she's here now with a look online. >> and teach year and uc berkeley's rock band a lead
4:44 pm
back. >> if that wasn't enough there is the famous dancing inmates from philippines prison. and this is so catchy, it's down right criminal. get it? and one of the most popular ongoing series epic rap wattels of history. freddy mercury taking on frank sin natta. -- sinatra.
4:45 pm
>> there is no talking and you can see the impression there. that will do it for us today, see you next time, bay area. >> you've seen commercials, blind folded people taking a smell test. but does febreeze live up to the ads? >> and playoff fever taking hold of fans. how much of tickets going for? there is a live report coming up. >> and there is taking you tolt state capitol. a california group fighting a ban on therapists trying to turn gays and lesbians straight and a killer whale is interested. what trainers say may have caused a serious gaping wound. the news conti
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some of the most memorable for proctor and gamble's febreeze air freshener. >> there is a look at whether these work.
4:49 pm
>> and consumer reports wanted to see if it really lives up to its ads so. they did extensive testing and you might be surprised with the result. >> this febreeze ad shows an experiment using an old goat, a sweaty body builder and a day old fish. a group of real people confirms it stinks then, the room treated with febreez skpe. blind fold pemd brought in. >> take a deep breath. tell me what it smells like. >> very spring timey. >> and this is like floury. >> consumer reports decided to do a sniff test of its own. calling on some brave volunteers. they're taken to a room where a cat litter box and sardines had been sitting four hours, they confirmed the room smelled bad. >> this is bad. >> then, the tester sprayed
4:50 pm
the room with febreeze. more staffers let in. >> it's story strong the smell. and there are floral notes. >> smells a lot like a men's room in a truck stop. >> others were critical. >> not a pleasant smell but not awful. >> the bottom line? it can conceal some odors it didn't work as well in the ads. any affects were temporary. >> you need to clean out cat box, put your fish away ask take out the trash. consumer reports also tested another febreeze spray pet odor eliminateor and it did a bit better but not much. so have you so-to-stay on top of the cleaning job. >> good reminder for all of us.
4:51 pm
>> that is disappointing. >> and latest news if you're losing hair you may want to shave it off. a study claims it will make you more manly. research yrz found the men appear tougher, more powerful than those with hair, men who choose to go bald are seen as taller, strong skbrer greater phone shall as leaders. the author of the study is balding man himself. >> yes. now we know. >> do you want to weigh in? >> moving on. >> and a's fan koz not have predicted this. >> there is a mission to show how the west was won. up next there is where playoff fever is running high and tickets have just gone on sale. >> and there is a look at what is ahead on world news. >> tonight on world news,
4:52 pm
we're covering that big story on the border with mexico motion sensor goings off in the middle of the night. fire fight and american agents killed in the shooting brought in drama. we're going to tell what you you have learned about you who who did it and how. also seat popping on american airlines and also, delays twice as many as other carriers. what to ñ/&ññ!ñ'ñx1q1q
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playoff fever has taken hold of fan autos even the die hard fan dz not see this coming. that is abc news joins us live and this is a little bit complicated there is a lot to sell with possibilities. >> there are many possibilities and this is what
4:56 pm
they're saying are playoff tickets and possibly series tickets and there is hottest tickets were tonight's game against rangers. there is celebration after the a's and the rangers prompted fans to get to the park to secure a spot in line for post season tickets. >> what did you buy? >> series actually. and i have faith we're going to make it there. >> there is is tough part is sorting out what might happen next. a lot will depend on what happens tonight. >> all five teams have
4:57 pm
clinched in the american league could possibly play at some point here so we're preparing to go pretty much anywhere on the road. >> this is many in line vying for a final two regular season games against texas. knowing two more victories wail lou a ease to win and skip a single game playoff. >> if we take the night game i'm positive with player wez have i believe we'll take this game too,. >> there are 40,000 seats. we're better than giants. let's go. >> and there are folks lining in and they're expecting a walk up crowd for the game a
4:58 pm
lot more than what they've seen here for regular season games, tonight we'll hear from the group trying to keep the sports teams here in oakland and from former a's pitcher mike norris. why he's comparing the current team to the one he was on in 1980. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the news at 5:00 begins now. >> tonight at 5:00 closing in on record temperatures in several city autos i'm sandhya patel. i'll show you where and when natural air conditioning will cool us off. >> there is a bay area man accused of kidnapping a girl from her school now there is a new twist ask charges involving the same man and a different school.
4:59 pm
>> and a live look above san jose tonight. the city chasing record temperatures and good evening, a change could be coming in the weather and sandhya patel has a look. >> we're simmering in the heat. take a look at temperatures so far. there is the new record for this day and there are 94 degrees in san francisco. hot for this time of the year there is in santa cruz there is a warm, or hot if you want to call it 92 degrees, triple digits and there is a cooling trend coming that may be hinting at the possibility of showers. and i'll be back with details in a few minutes. >> there
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